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Ruby is July’s birthstone for mother and child as part of our Motherlove collection.

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Product Description

Ruby is the July birthstone for mother and child as part of our Motherlove collection. Designed to enhance your connection with your divine feminine and the nurturing energy of Mother Earth.

The two birthstones are designed to be worn together as shown: the smaller stone (10mm), as a symbol of the child and the larger stone (12mm), representing the mother. The mother wears both stones and then passes one to the child when they are older; carrying her energy and as a reminder of her love and care as they begin to explore the world on their own.

Ruby’s traditional gemstone meaning it courage, prosperity and wisdom. It is associated with the base chakra.

The mother may wear the birthstones of each of her children and some choose to bookend them with each parent’s birthstones representing their complete precious family.

Each stone is hand cut, individually selected and hand set making each one as unique as you and your child. They will vary slightly in size, shape, colour, cut and will often have interesting inclusions due to the natural and organic character of gemstones. I feel these natural inclusions add to the distinctive and personal nature of each piece.

If you wish to choose your own configuration of birthstones please email me at info@shashenjewels.comor call me on +61 2 4017 0242.

All my jewelry is spiritual jewelry as I choose the gemstones as much for their vibrational energies as their beauty. These pieces are often bought as chakra jewelry or yoga jewelry or often just because you like them and think they are beautiful. I think so too but then again I’m biased.